Binary Input, 4 inputs for 12 ... AC/DC 230 V

Binary Input, 4 inputs for 12 ... AC/DC 230 V

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Тип: RL 260/23
Артикул: 5WG1260-4AB23
Производитель: Siemens
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В корзину

  • 4 Inputs for AC/DC 12...230 V

  • Max. cable length, unshielded, twisted 100 m

  • Maintenance-free terminals for connection and through-wiring of untreated single-core, stranded or multi-core conductors, 0.5 ... 2.5 mm [/2]

  • The following functions can be selected per input:

  • Switching state/send binary value

  • Switch edge/short/long switch

  • Dimming, shading control, single button group control

  • 1/8-bit scene control

  • 8-bit value edge

  • 8-bit value short/long

  • 16-bit floating-point value edge

  • 16-bit floating-point short/long

  • pulse counting with/without limit value monitoring (8/16/32 Bit)

  • The following functions can be selected per input pair:

  • 2-pushbutton dimming with stop telegram (4 bit) and 2-pushbutton shading control

  • Optional blocking of each input by means of the respective blocking object

  • Transmission of the input objects after change

  • Optional cyclic transmission of input objects

  • Bus-powered electronics

  • Integrated bus coupling units, bus connection via bus terminal

Дополнительная информация
The AP 641 room control box and AP 118 automation module box must be ordered separately.
See Chapter Modular Installation System - Room control box - Module boxes.

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